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    Automated Appraisal Review!

SnapShot - Automated Appraisal Review

Snapshot; is a back to the basics approach to appraisal review. SnapShot was developed by appraisal industry veterans with over twenty years real-world appraisal experience. Manually reviewing appraisals can be a daunting task, SnapShot appraisal review analyzes one hundred predefined data fields within the appraisal report and red flags potential appraisal issues.

Snapshot The Benefits:

  • Scans predifined data fields for appraisal inconsistencies and compliance
  • Provides an instant report of "red flagged" items prior to manual review
  • Increased efficiencies, significantly reduce appraisal review turn times
  • Ensure appraisal compliance and mitigate risk
Every appraisal is processed through SnapShot automated appraisal review to assist our review appraisers in identifying inconsistencies in the appraisal report. Snapshot significantly reduces appraisal review times and assists in producing a higher quality appraisal product.
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