• Simplifying The Appraisal Process
    Progressive Appraisal Management Technology !

ADI's ValuTrac - Progressive Appraisal Management Technology

ADI's ValuTrac appraisal management system streamlines appraisal workflow, producing huge operational efficiencies. Eliminates excess paperwork, spreadsheets, endless phone tag, and email streams. ADI's ValuTrac is a fully secure web-based appraisal management system. 

Improve your operational efficiency with:

  • One repository for all your appraisals
  • Streamlined web-based ordering and retrieval
  • Real-time appraisal status for all of our customers
  • Automated email notifications throughout the entire appraisal process
  • Document storage under each individual file

ADI's ValuTrac requires minimal training for our customers. Streamline your appraisal process while ensuring total compliance with regulatory guidelines for independent valuations. 

ADI's ValuTrac appraisal management system can be fully integrated with any loan origination system. Streamline your process even further by integrating to ADI's ValuTrac appraisal management system. Seamlessly push new appraisal orders to ADI and receive the completed appraisal within your LOS system.  

Contact Us to learn more and begin expedtiing and simplyfing your appraisal process with ADI's appraisal management services.  

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